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New Name, Same Virtual Gaming Experience

New Name, Same Virtual Gaming Experience
The ForceFeel brand has undergone a change to enhance the virtual reality gaming experience brand before its release this summer. For customers, this means nothing more than the same product, but a new name. Our goal has always been to create a product that is different than anything else that already exists in the virtual reality gaming market, and because of this, our mission continues to be to enhance the reality of the virtual gaming experience with our products.

ForceFeel Development Part 1: Q&A

ForceFeel Development Part 1: Q&A

What is new on ForceFeel?

Feel at the heart of it all

The ForceFeel is a new force feedback seat, designed with driving and flight simulation games in mind. It places you in the middle of the action as you sense every bump, twist, and turn as you play.

With a brand-new force feedback pad, the ForceFeel seeks to intensify your immersion experience. Not only is it compatible with the third-party software, such as SimShaker, which provides heightened force feedback effects, but it also comes with eight separate vibration zones, which work in real-time with force feedback for the ultimate gaming experience. This allows the ForceFeel to work wonderfully alongside games such as Aerofly 2, Assetto Corsa, DiRT 4, and iRacing, among others.

Can it be used in a bucket seat?

The ForceFeel can also accommodate anyone who would like to use the seat as a bucket seat. This is due to the fact that, following a design review, the length of the whole pad has been shortened, in order to better fit bucket seats.

Currently, the seat is made from synthetic leather. Although we find that the synthetic leather fabric tends to match most customers’ needs, a polyester fabric seat, which offers greater flexibility, should be available shortly if you’d prefer a different material.

Do I need a power adapter for North America which is different than EU?

When you place an order for a ForceFeel, you will receive a ForceFeel pad and controller, user guide, and installation disc. Additionally, every ForceFeel seat comes with a power plug tailored to their region, whether that’s in the USA and Canada, Australia, Europe, or the UK.