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ForceFeel: The Final Product

ForceFeel: The Final Product

Despite unforeseen setbacks in production, the ForceFeel gaming pad has reached its final stages and is soon to be released to users worldwide.

ForceFeel Packaging

The delay, which pushed back production about one month, was necessary to test out the types of artificial leather used on the seat to ensure the thermal characteristics of the gaming pad would provide users with the best-simulated gaming experience possible. With the extended production time, the manufacturing facility was able to guarantee a worthy product to be put on the market. 

While production of the ForceFeel gaming pad is finally complete, there will, unfortunately, be a delay in shipping orders as the logistics centre has recently been forced to relocate in central Europe. Due to this last minute move, we will be able to fulfil fewer orders and dispatching of the product will be slowed down. Although unfortunate timing, the transition to a new warehouse is expected to be complete by the close of September. With the completed move, orders should begin to leave the facility in a timely manner.

ForceFeel Control Unit

Realteus would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the unexpected and unfortunate delays in the production and dispatching of the ForceFeel product. It is understood that gamers have been looking forward to the simulated gaming experience that the ForceFeel gaming pad provides, and we hope to meet those expectations once our product is finally in gamers’ hands.