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Support for Flight Simulator 2020

Support for Flight Simulator 2020

The SimShaker for Aviators (SSA) software has recently extended its integrations via the SimConnect for the Realteus ForceFeel pad, allowing for more, exciting, new gaming compatibilities to further the experience of flight simulation titles. The latest version of this software supports the most requested and popular aviation game - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, these software additions provide the ultimate real-life gaming experience that players have been waiting for. You can use the software with the Standard Realteus ForceFeel package, as well as the Wings and Wheels editions.

The software features a list of effects (ground bumps, landing gear up and down, high speed shudders, etc.) that can be toggled on and off according to your preferences. 

Update: Realteus ForceFeel Second Series Shipping

The latest version of the Realteus ForceFeel is ready to ship.
The latest version of the Realteus ForceFeel is ready to ship. And, that means, you’re just about ready to play! Specifically designed for racing and flight simulation games, this second series of our ForceFeel has improved motors to offer an improved design so that you can more comfortably experience your game, enjoying every moment while being fully immersed.