With a brand-new haptic gaming pad, the Realteus seeks to intensify your immersion experience.

Meet Realteus ForceFeel


The ForceFeel is a new haptic gaming pad, designed with the latest driving and flight simulation games in mind.

Experience ForceFeel

Feel at the heart of it all

Every hair-raising moment and action-packed second is immediately transmitted through vibrations to the entire surface of the haptic gaming pad.

Realteus ForceFeel
  • Unique Haptic Feedback

    Feel the game you are playing thanks to the eight strategically placed vibration zones in the chair.

  • Fully Compatible Games

    Realteus offers an individualized experience from many racing games and flight simulators for every user.

  • Software Connection

    Two intuitive modes of vibration feedback enhance and add a sense of realism to your gaming experience.

  • Quality Design and Materials

    The breathable artificial leather and foam padded cushions allow you to relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience of your game.

Meet Realteus ForceFeel

Check out our new video to see how ForceFeel really works


What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

Was really pleasantly suprised at how good this is. On its own it is a nice enhancement, offering direct feel for things like Tyre grip and lateral and logditudal pressure from breaking and corners - really nice touch it provides the pressure on your right side for example when going round a left hander, which a transducer setup won't provide. Combined with a full transducer/kicker setup though it becomes the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.

Had a great experience throughout the whole ordering process. Got mine within a month of ordering and have been using it for about a month. Takes a little while to set up the sliders to make it feel realistic but now that I have I’ll even go out and say it’s improved my driving quite a bit!

The ForceFeel mat is very good. The processing is excellent and in conjunction with the software, the inversion is a lot better in the various racing simulations. Therefore, I can fully recommend the mat.

A great fit in my racing seat, very secure with zero movement. Excellent feeling while using iracing and dirt rally 2 with sim hub software. Can't drive without it now as it adds so much to my sim racing while in VR. 5 stars for the product.