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ForceFeel Development Part 2: SimShaker Software integration

ForceFeel Development Part 2: SimShaker Software integration

The REALTEUS ForceFeel haptic gaming pad continues to undergo developmental stages to create the best gaming capabilities possible for its users. With the integration of the SimShaker software, players are able to experience the event-driven force effects for each individual game. The software’s two variants – Wheels and Wings – allow for a more realistic gaming experience with both driving and flight simulations.

The variety of supported effects allow players to feel like they’ve been transported into the game. Whether in the air or on the ground, players will feel every rattle of an engine, the slip of wheels, shifting of gears, changes in speed, road or vehicle damages, and uneven road conditions.

SimShaker software activation
The SimShaker software is easy to access for Realteus ForceFeel customers through this simple user authorization.

The SimShaker Wheels can be brought to life with over ten different PC racing games while the SimShaker Wings software currently works for three different PC flight simulation games. 

SimShaker software dashboard

The SimShaker software allows users to personalize the game capabilities to allow for a real life gaming experience.


By purchasing the REALTEUS® ForceFeel product package for $189, players will also receive the additional SimShaker software for free. With this addition, we can ensure that all those who choose to use our ForceFeel haptic game pad will not miss out on any of the real life gaming action.

With the 3.0 version of the SimShaker Wheels software, the integration with ForceFeel is automatically included. If you don’t want to miss the roar of an engine or the slip of wheels on the road, download the SimShaker software to experience the most realistic gaming experience yet.