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Virtual reality is a chance to escape the real world surrounding you and step into a completely different realm. It’s a chance to experience things that you have never experienced before and even have experiences that would not be possible in the real world.

We have always had a passion for gaming, virtual reality and developing technology. That's why in 2014 we started selling virtual reality gaming accessories. Although the business started locally, we quickly expanded to international sales. Then, in 2018 we decided to make our own product thanks to feedback from our amazing customers. And that's where we are today. Making our own product, the ForceFeel, and changing the world of virtual reality.

At Realteus, we love virtual reality so much that we have built our lives and futures around the mission of enhancing the virtual reality experience through gaming products.

Our number one goal is to create products that are different anything else on the market and to make your gaming experience more realistic than ever before.

Our business is truly a community and that our customers are an integral part of that. For that reason, we value customer feedback and understand that our customers are the only ones who can give us the answers we need to make the best possible products.

Through our community, we aim to accomplish global availability for ForceFeel.

Who's Behind

In 2012, Tomas Jandecka, a sports pilot, and flight simulator enthusiast got together with one of his friends and built a vintage military aircraft simulator for the public. While searching, Tomas found a great product from a Russian company that would create a realistic feeling without the use of a motion platform.
Tomas Jandecka
Tomas Jandecka
Founder / CEO