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Sim Racing Garage: Realteus ForceFeel Review

Sim Racing Garage: Realteus ForceFeel Review

After receiving the Realteus ForceFeel haptic gaming pad, Barry at the Sim Racing Garage gave a real-time, honest feedback on the ForceFeel product and how it functions during a simulated driving game.

 The seat itself is constructed with the gamer in mind. It features eight transducers that allow for motion, movement, and terrain to be felt all throughout the pad. The abundant cushioning makes for a comfortable seat that can fit nearly any chair, and the perforated material allows for maximum power from the transducers as well as a cooling effect to keep the gamers from becoming too hot during their experience.

The pad was tested using the SimShaker Wheels software via the iRacing game. Barry was impressed with the amount of power the transducers allow, but was appreciative that all of these settings were able to be managed within the software to allow for a customizable experience.

Realteus ForceFeel: The Final Delivery

Realteus ForceFeel: The Final Delivery

DELIVERY UPDATE - January 10, 2019.

We deeply apologize to all for the delay in response, mainly due to the holidays between December 23 and January 2. All enquiries are in the process of being answered.

There have been some delays with our logistics process and are moving as quickly as possible to get your product to you as soon as possible. The main reason for this is that the final batch has reached the port in Germany on December 21, just before the Christmas holidays. We originally expected that the pickup from port should not take a long time, unfortunately the holidays and the administrative process, which is beyond our control, interrupted the delivery to our warehouse.

We are waiting for further information to continue the warehouse delivery and customs clearance.


The final batch of the ForceFeel haptic gaming pad will arrive to our European port at the end of this week, allowing for the last lot of products to be shipped to gamers before the end of December.

The new ForceFeel stocks

The customs process and warehouse delivery is expected to take no longer than a week, and should no additional delays occur, those who took advantage of the ForceFeel pre-order will be able to experience the real-life game simulator right from the start of the New Year.

Realteus ForceFeel

The ForceFeel haptic gaming pad, designed to operate along with driving and a flight simulation software, immerses the players directly into the action of the game. The unique anatomical shape of the pad, intelligently designed with its eight independent haptic zones, allows for optimal real-time timing and force-feedback effects for each of the ForceFeel’s compatible games. With the various motors strategically placed inside of the pad, gamers will have the sense of being positioned right into their video game and never miss a bump, crash, slip, or turn.

Those who have already received their ForceFeel shipments have not only been impressed with the quality of the gaming pad but also by the sleek packaging. We are hopeful that those who receive their new ForceFeel will feel the same.


ForceFeel Development Part 2: SimShaker Software integration

ForceFeel Development Part 2: SimShaker Software integration

The REALTEUS® ForceFeel haptic gaming pad continues to undergo developmental stages to create the best gaming capabilities possible for its users. With the integration of the SimShaker software, players are able to experience the event-driven force effects for each individual game. The software’s two variants – Wheels and Wings – allow for a more realistic gaming experience with both driving and flight simulations.

The variety of supported effects allow players to feel like they’ve been transported into the game. Whether in the air or on the ground, players will feel every rattle of an engine, the slip of wheels, shifting of gears, changes in speed, road or vehicle damages, and uneven road conditions.

SimShaker software activation
The SimShaker software is easy to access for Realteus ForceFeel customers through this simple user authorization.

The SimShaker Wheels can be brought to life with over ten different PC racing games while the SimShaker Wings software currently works for three different PC flight simulation games. 

SimShaker software dashboard

The SimShaker software allows users to personalize the game capabilities to allow for a real life gaming experience.


By purchasing the REALTEUS® ForceFeel product package for $189, players will also receive the additional SimShaker software for free. With this addition, we can ensure that all those who choose to use our ForceFeel haptic game pad will not miss out on any of the real life gaming action.

With the 3.0 version of the SimShaker Wheels software, the integration with ForceFeel is automatically included. If you don’t want to miss the roar of an engine or the slip of wheels on the road, download the SimShaker software to experience the most realistic gaming experience yet.